Healthy Moms Help Orphans & Vulnarable Children – DONATE TODAY!

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Join me and The Healthy Moms in an effort to raise $500 or more toward the Go Campaign. This campaign raises awareness and funding for grassroots organizations throughout the developing world to provide basic human needs to orphans and vulnarable children such as food, shelter, education, medical care, vocational training, and income generating activities.

No amount is too small to give! Really! Here’s a small list of what just a small donation of yours can do for orphans and vulnerable children around the world! My children each donated $5 from their piggy banks. Let them know that they can help other children around the world.

$1.00 – provides a nutritious breakfast to for 4 children in Tanzania.

$5.00 – Buys 5 pair of flip-flops so kids don’t have to walk barefoot in Malawi.

$10.00 – Can provide blankets & clothing to children in need!

$25.00 -Provides a single mattress for a boarding school student in Tanzania.

t_china1Know that 100% of your donation goes directly to GO Campaigns programs on the ground – which means that every dollar you give will help a child in need!

I’ve set my fundraising goal initially at $500, but I hope to raise even more.


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Healthy Moms Help Orphans & Vulnarable Children – DONATE TODAY!
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