Spring and Summer Fashions, Whats Hot this Season in Maternity Wear

 I love shopping for a Spring and Summer wardrobe.  Shedding off the layers from winter just leave me feeling ever so light without having to deal with anguish of a diet!

 What beautiful colours this season has.  I was speaking with Judie Ashworth from A Pea in a Pod & Motherhood Maternity
and the colours for this season are corals, blues, greens and pinks and unleash the tigress in you because animal print is big this season too.
What has changed in maternity wear since last season, well Kimona sleeved tops with banded bottoms are a must and lite washed demins too.
New trends in maternity wear are the same as non maternity wear.  Stripes and plaid, yes mama to be you can wear these bold patterns and short shorts.  Tunics are always gorgeous on the mom to be with leggings.
But ladies we cannot forget the seasons must have…a gorgeous bathing suit. 
You want a comfortable bathing suit that doesn’t pull as your belly grows.  The Tankini is the perfect suit for the expecting mom.  A little cardigan sweater was my fave and it still is to keep us warm on a stroll along the beach or air conditioned restaurants. Must have denim jeans with a graphic tee with beading, The Maxi dress that looks great with heals or sandles with that little cardigan and don’t forget my favorite look, a tunic with leggings and  accessorize with your favorite jewelery pieces.
Happy Spring shopping!

Erica Ashmore
Everything Mom and Baby

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<img alt="Erica Ashmore is a first time and stay at home mom. Her inspiration comes from her happy and healthy toddler and loving husband.
She’s originally from the prairies and moved to the big city to pursue her dreams of being a fashion designer but things went in a different direction and she went into the beauty industry.
She’s been in the beauty industry for over 10 years now and a new mom for over a year and counting. 
Having a baby is exciting. How our body and skin change is remarkable and Erica is here to share with you information on beauty and the latest fashion trends for the mom and mom to be and for your little ones too. 
You can find Erica blogging at Everything Mom and Baby.

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