The Ciara Show

My four year old daughter is by far the most entertaining of my children. Sometimes I think that some day she will be an actress or stand up comedian. Only time will tell! Here are a few recent remarks from our little entertainer.

The light bulb in the girls’ bedroom has been burned out for over a week now. Here is a conversation she had with her dad when he was tucking her in bed last night.

Ciara: Dad, when are we going to get a new light bulb in here?

Dad: I don’t know. Maybe the Easter Bunny will bring you one.

Ciara: No. ‘Caus it would be made out of chocolate. But I can eat it, though!

On the way home from preschool yesterday Ciara was telling me about her day.

Ciara: I went to Kindergarten today. There are teachers at Kindergarten. Does Daddy have teachers at work?

Mom: No.

Ciara: Why not?

Mom: Because he has a boss instead. You have teachers and Dad’s teacher is his boss. Just like your teacher helps you to do your job Dad’s boss helps him to do his job.

Ciara: Do you have a boss at home, Mom?

Mom: No. I am my own boss.

Ciara: I am CJ’s (the baby) boss.

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