What Is Fiber?

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Fiber is a very important part of a healthy diet. This article explores fiber, what it is and why you should get plenty of fiber in your diet.

Dietary fibers are the portion of plant foods that your body can not digest. These materials move through your digestive system absorbing water, helping you to move your bowels.

Fiber is not only good for the digestive system it is also good for your heart. Including soluble fiber in your diet can decrease you risk of cardiovascular disease. Adult women should get at least 20 grams of fiber a day; and 30 grams for men.

A lot of products on the market today claim to be high in fiber. But be careful, they may also be high in sodium, total fat and saturated fat. Make sure you read the labels carefully. I you need to increase the fiber in your diet the best way is to include more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Some Foods High in Fiber

1 large baked apple…..5 grams

1 cup cooked black beans….. 19.4 grams

1 cup chickpeas (garbanzos)…..12 grams

1 med. ear of corn on the cob…..5 grams

3 dried figs…..10.5 grams

1 cup red cooked lentils…..6.4 grams

1 cup whole wheat pasta…..5.7 grams

1 med. pear…..4 grams

1/2 cup fresh peas….9.1 grams

1 small baked potato…..4.2 grams

1/2 cup of fresh raspberries…..4.6 grams

1/2 cup cooked spinach…..7 grams

1 med. yam…..6.8 grams

What Is Fiber?
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