Why the Health Care Reform Bill Will Hurt American Families

*Please note, this is an editorial and may not reflect the opinions of everyone on the Healthy Moms staff.

As I write this congress is debating and will be voting on the Health Care Reform Bill proposed by the President and House Speaker Nancy Peloci. The Democrats are doing a very good job hiding the facts on the bill from the American public. I tried to piece together as much facts as I could on this potentially dangerous reform.

According to the latest Rasmussen telephone poll taken on Friday and Saturday night 41% of likely voters favor the plan while 54% oppose. Why do so many Americans oppose the plan?

We all know that in order to pay for this bill we will have to shell out more money in the form of taxes. American citizens don’t realize it but we are already paying for the current health care system with the money that the government takes out of our paychecks. This money goes to the hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies. Doctors, hospitals and drug companies use the money to treat us and it appears to be free.

Today the United States devotes 0ne-sixth of its economy to medicine. If you divide that up it would cost about $15,000 per household including the contributions from employers. Instead of lowering the cost per household under this new health care reform bill families will have to pay more for their insurance than they already do.

Families will be forced to purchase health insurance. a family earning $54,000 will be expected to pay $9,000 (17% of pre-tax income) for the premium, co-pays and deductibles. If you don’t enroll in a health insurance program the IRS will find you and penalize you. (source Senate bill p. 345)

The Progressives in their effort to “spread the wealth” proposed a one size fits all health plan. In other words, your benefit package will be given to you by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. If you pay for it yourself or qualify for a subsidy your benefits will be the same. Our lawmakers want to discourage health consumption based on ability to pay.

The senate bill puts a 40% tax on “Cadillac Plans” (p. 1,980). About one-fifth of employer-provided plans will fall under this category. Employers will then either downgrade their employees’ coverages to avoid the tax or lower wages in order to afford the better plan.

Doctors will not be allowed to participate in the private insurance system unless they implement the Health and Human Services regulations. The government will control your doctors’ decisions.

The health care bill will also hurt hospitals and in the long run all of us. The new regulations will put hospitals in financial distress. Staff will be cut, they will have less equipment and we will suffer.

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The health care bill establishes an Independent Medicare Advisory Commission to make automatic spending reductions. Families will not get as much care as people in Medicare currently get.

You and your family will no longer have a right to privacy. Everything that happens in your doctors’ office will be required to be recorded in an electronic data base that can send the information to insurers and other medical offices. (Senate bill, p. 62-66).

According to the Republican Caucus on the Committee on the Budget, in order to pay for this expensive piece of legislation the tax hikes will be so high that people will lose their jobs, and “the expansion of entitlement spending will accelerate the nation’s march toward bankruptcy.”

” Roughly $2.4 trillion in new entitlement spending in the ten-year window once the new entitlement is implemented. $466 billion for federal subsidies to purchase government-run health coverage.
$434 in additional spending for Medicaid ($48 billion in excess spending relative to the Senate bill), a program already growing at 23 percent this year, and exacerbating cash-strapped state budgets.
$569.2 billion in new tax increases, representing the largest tax increase in history.
the largest single tax hike in the bill – $210 billion- results from a .9% increase in the Medicare payroll tax on wages for job-creators and small businesses and a new 3.8% surtax on net investment income.
The threshold amounts for these surtaxes are not indexed for inflation, meaning that although the taxes are aimed at “wealthy” individuals today, they will hit more and more middle-income individuals over time, just like the alternative minimum tax. For instance, an individual earning $100,000 today would be pushed across the $200,000 threshold within two decades, assuming a yearly inflation rate of 3.5 percent.
These new taxes will come on top of the bevy of proposed tax hikes for individuals and businesses outlined in the Administrations’ budget, amplifying the total drag on growth and job creation just as the economy is struggling to emerge from the worst downturn since the Great Depression.” (source CBO Preliminary Cost Estimate of H.R 4872, The Republican Caucus The Committee on the Budget)

I don’t want my children to have to suffer from higher taxes and fewer jobs due to this expensive unnecessary health care plan. The founders believed that the federal government should stay away from the individual rights of its citizens. I do not want my government telling me what doctor I can see or how much health care treatment my child qualifies for. I want to be able to chose the health care plan that works best for my family.

What do you think? I value your opinion and am open for a discussion on this topic.

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