Your Guide to Sun Protection and What to Use

It’s that time of year again. We replace the sunglasses we lost last year, we shop for the new Spring and Summer trends and take in all the info on sun block splashing the covers in the following months of fashion magazines to come.

What should I use? What is SPF? Do I really need it?
Lets start with SPF, we know it means Sun Protection Factor. They can range from 2 to 100 and they refer to the products ability to block out the suns harmful rays.
Do you really need it. Yes.
Remember the A, B, C’s on Sun Cover:
Most people know that excessive sun exposure leads to early aging of the skin and increased risk of skin cancer.

80% of total lifetime sun exposure is acquired by age 18, it is critical that sun protection begin early in childhood, helping the formation of a lifetime habit. The simple ABC’s of Sun protection for children, as outline by the American Academy of Dermatology are as follows:


Stay away from the sun in the middle of the day.

The sun’s rays are more intense between 10 am – 4pm. Seek shade in play areas, and if not available, bring shade to sports activities. (For example, put a trap over an uncovered dugout for softball or baseball games). Keep infants out of direct sun as much as possible during the first months of life.


Use Sunscreen regularly

Use a water resistant sunscreen with an SPF of 15 that blocks both Ultraviolet (UV) A and B. Those containing avobenzone (Parsol 1789), titanium dioxide or zinc oxide have more broad-spectrum UVA protection. Read the labels carefully to ensure the product has the ingredients you want.

Apply sunscreen at least a half-hour before sun exposure; the best strategy is to put sunscreen on your child (and yourself) in the morning before leaving the house. Slather or Spray sunscreen liberally onto any skin that may be exposed during the day. (Don’t forget the ears and back of the neck). Reapply every two to three hours, especially if engaged in active outdoor activity.

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Wear hats and protective clothing

Encourage your child to wear hats, ling pants, and shirts with long sleeves when playing outdoors. Buying him or her a special baseball cap or surfer hat sometimes helps. If your child is fair and burns easily, tightly woven clothing should also be worn outdoors, even while swimming. Special long sleeved swim shirts are available on line and in some drug stores. Children should also wear sunglasses to protect the eyes from the sun.

Cases of skin cancer are increasing each year, pigmentation caused by sun damage is one of the biggest complaints I hear in my treatment room at the spa. Sun damage can age your skin immensely and most women want even toned younger looking skin. In a nutshell ladies, protect your face.

Vitamin C in products help treat sun damaged skin and is great for prevention by boosting collagen but that will be another topic soon as Vitamin C comes in different forms so you need to know which one’s will actually do the job.  

Pigmentation caused by sun damage can take up to 45 days to makes its appearance on our face, hands and decollete. Where the sun hits us first and where we get colour first. Why it takes our legs so long to tan I do not know. I love the sun too, but I always protect my skin and I like a healthy glow too!

There are so many products out there and I will share with you my must haves for the season.
First and foremost I want to share with you a company called Doctor T’s Supergoop.
It is toxin free and free of possible carcinogens such as oxybenzone and paraben endocrine disruptors.   
Finally something that I can feel good about applying this my toddler and the rest of my family.  I don’t know of any other that offers this much in quality/safety of ingredients.  There’s nothing else I’d trust to put on my child when it comes to sun protection, so I’m ever so thankful to find Supergoop. 
This is sun protection safe for the whole family. Their products are safe for your infants as well, even at the tender age of 2 months such as their wipes, which make it so easy to apply and stash in your diaper bag and your SPF protection is 30.

A staple in our household is the SPF 30+ Everyday UV Body Moisturizing Sun Protection Lotion 15 oz this product is safe for you children starting at 4 months. It’s extremely moisturizing and another favorite factor of mine is it’s paraben free.

If you’re a sporty outdoorsy type the Quick Stick with SPF 30 is your answer to convenient safe sun protection. It smells delicious, like an Orange Creasmsicle. It’s got a dry touch to it so it’s great if your an oilier skin type this is your answer to sun protection. This is for the face and hands to prevent photo-aging, aka sun damage. If your oily/combination skin this is great and it’s even safe for newborns!

What about sun protection around the eyes. Are your sunglasses enough? Well, maybe. The Sun always finds places to creep in like the corner of the eyes especially sunglasses with a thin frame.
But you can’t use regular sun block because it can irritate the eye area.
What I like is Clarins Eye Protection SPF 30.
This product is designed for the eye contour area that doesn’t burn, sting or bring you to tears. Formulated with a plant-based complex that helps prevent lines, wrinkles and premature aging.

*Ladies don’t forget if you are exfoliating everyday( I hope your not!) or use AHA products regularly this season you have to use sun protection as you are thinning the skin making it more susceptible to pigmentation. In regards to Melasma( the pregnancy mask, thank you estrogen), protect your skin but most likely it will fade after your baby‘s arrival. 

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