Are You Struggling to Find the Time to Take Care of Yourself?

Today’s moms are busier than ever. We struggle with finding the time to take care of our home, kids, and sometimes careers. As we get older the days seem to fly by even faster and taking care of ourselves is more challenging.

Are you lost in your busy life and finding yourself forgetting about what matters most, like your health and happiness? Recently I spoke with Monica Shah from Ideal Balance Inc. Formally a marketing manager for a fortune 500 company, Monica knows what it is like to work long hours causing everything else in your life to get forgotten.

I started my company, Ideal Balance after struggling with my own health and balance. After earning my MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, I began working 80 hours/week as a marketing manager at a Fortune 500 company. Soon my health and social life began to fall apart. After much trial and error, I figured out how to prioritize my well being, the people I loved and still be successful at work. I learned how to get balance in my life and maintain it. “

Today as a holistic health counselor she helps thousands of women (and men) like you achieve the balance they are seeking in life and reach their personal health and weight loss goals.

Her program, THE LIFE AND BODY MAKEOVER, is a set of CD’s, worksheets and recipes that will help you lose all the weight you want and keep it off. The complete kit includes:

  • 10 Coaching and Group Mentoring Calls on CD (a $750 value)
  • Your own Body and Life Cleanse Binder with over 30 pages of handouts and worksheets ($65 value)
  • Over 40 simple, weight loss recipes that will have your metabolism on fire and help you create a flat belly ($75 value)
  • Weekly weight loss made simple meal planner ($50 value)
  • Customized weight loss shopping list ($25 value)
  • Live group weight loss coaching with Monica Shah ($295 value) where you’ll work with a group for 3 sessions a month to lose weight, increase your energy and gain radiant health.
  • Bonus 1: The Radical Self Care Audio Program – how to take care of yourself no matter what is going on in your life. This is a two-part audio series ($45 value)
  • Bonus 2: The Diet Trap Audio Program – how to get yourself out of the diet trap – what to do if the weight loss is just not happening ($25 value)
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Visit Monica’s website at for more information on how you can purchase the Life and Body Makeover and learn more about her company.

I am also very excited to welcome Monica as a new contributor here at Healthy Moms. Please subscribe to our feed so you don’t miss any tips from Ms. Shah.

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