Blogging is Just a Numbers Game

I have been blogging for nearly three years now and you would think that I would have this blogging thing figured out by now, but I am still learning. One thing that I have learned about blogging and social networking is it is all a big numbers game.

I’ve never been good with numbers. When I was a kid math was my worst subject. In high-school I had to stay after school every day to get tutored in order to pull off a C in my math class. In college I took remedial math. So this whole numbers game with blogging is a bit challenging for me.

I learned that when you comment on blogs about half of them will return the favor within 24 hours. The other half may visit you in the next week or two, or they may just pass you by and wait for you to leave them another comment. Some bloggers don’t ever return the favor. You just have to know which ones are professional and understand blogging ethics. The only way to find out which bloggers are professional is to leave as many comments on as many different blogs as you can.

How many comments should you leave? I’ve pondered this question in my head over and over again. I’ve also experimented with numbers regarding this too. First you need to ask yourself a couple of questions.

Are you looking to increase your visitors or comments on your articles? If you want visitors about half of them will visit your blog more or less. So if you comment on 100 blogs then you might get about 50 visitors within the next 24 hours. Maybe 80% of them will comment on your blog. So if you are looking to get 50 comments on your article you will have to comment on at least 120 different blogs.

Wait a minute here, we are all very busy people, right? As mom bloggers we have a life outside our blogs. How in the heck are we going to find the time to comment on 120 different blogs? I learned that it takes me about 4 hours to comment on that many blogs. I don’t mean leaving a quick, “Just stopping to say hi,” comment I mean a real comment regarding the authors article. If I am able to find four hours out of my day, great, this task is completed and I reached my goal. I don’t always have the time to do this, though.

What do you do if you can’t find the time to leave comments? I resort to other methods of generating traffic and comments. Here are a few places that have really helped me.

1. Forums

Forum posting generates links, traffic and when done correctly comments. I usually pick a forum topic related to an article in my blog. Then I leave a link to that article in my forum post. If you re post this in several different high traffic forums you can generate a ton of traffic and new commenters, and subscribers to your blog. Below are a few forums that I am a member of:

Holiday Beauty Gift Guide from Avon

Blog Frog
Twitter Moms
Blog Catalog
Mom Bloggers Club
The Healthy Moms Network

If you make at least 10 forum posts a day that is 10 backlinks per day to your blog and maybe 100 or more visitors per day. This is a great way to get your brand noticed.

2. Create a Facebook Fan Page

I also generate a ton of traffic from Facebook. Not only do I have a fan page, I update the page every day and I’ve purchased Facebook ads to promote it so my fans continue to grow every day. You can purchase Facebook ads on a pay per click so they are relatively inexpensive. Make sure you post something to your fan page every single day. You want to keep your fans interested. I also link all the articles from Healthy Moms on my fan page.

3. Join Stumble Upon

About half of my traffic comes from Stumble Upon. I have my feed linked through their free service. This automatically updates my blog on their site. I’ve also purchased Stumble ads which are also inexpensive. You can also have your account linked to your Twitter account and Facebook account so your feed is automatically updated to Twitter and Facebook. This really helps me out and saves time.

4. Join Twitter

About 10% of my traffic comes from Twitter and I don’t visit this site every day. I have my Stumble Upon account and my Facebook Fan page linked to twitter so whenever I update either one of those it gets tweeted out to my followers too. I also get new followers every day even though I don’t actually visit Twitter every day.

5. Know proper blogging etiquette.

Always, always, always return comments when someone comments on your site. You want them to come back and read more. They will not do that if you don’t visit their site. I have e mail notifications sent to me when anyone leaves comments. This helps me to keep track. I can just go to my e mail and visit their blog from there. I also have all the blog comment e mails filtered into a separate e mail folder. This keeps them all together and I know if I am behind on commenting or not.

I haven’t hit 1,000 subscribers yet but it is growing. I am still learning. Once I figure out how to reach that big 1,000 mark I will share with you how I got there. Meanwhile I will still be plugging away at this blogging thing. Like my daughter’s karate instructor has said, “Never give up!” So, that is what I am going to do. It may take me another 3 years to hit that 1,000 mark but when I do you will surly find out about it!

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