Clarisonic- Skincare Must Have

Do you use a cloth when you cleanse your face? Or do you use just soap and water and lightly rinse your face with your hands?
How about when you dry your face and tone? Do you see the left over dirt?
If you are tired of seeing that dirt, significantly a sign that your cleanser and method of cleansing is mediocre you need to try Clarisonic.
This was a Christmas gift from Papa Ash and I have had this on my list for years.

The creators of the sonic toothbrush have come out with this ultimate facial cleansing tool.
Clarisonic redefines facial skin care by cleansing deep into the epidermis, removing 2x the amount of dirt and makeup therefore leaving you with smooth, clean skin.
Blackheads a problem? Clarisonic effectively over time cleanses them as well so pores appear to be smaller when they are kept clean. Another great benefit of this cleansing brush is if you suffer from acne it has been mentioned that it helps to clear and even out the skin tone. Do consider this when you are suffering from acne as they are triggers of inflammation: stress, hormones, diet and genes play a big roll in the development of acne so the Clarisonic would be a nice addition for you when you take control of your skin and once you’ve established the root causes of your acne. If found some reviews on a blog by Ashley that had some great tips on skin care.
Clarisonic has endless benefits because since it removes dirt and makeup so well your skin is left gently exfoliated therefore product absorption is increased(like those expensive creams you have, you might see more results from them by using Clarisonic), it reduces fine lines and it’s gentle enough for someone suffering from Rosacea, Seborrhea and sensitive skin.
Sounds to good be true? Well, it’s worth every penny and I have thoroughly enjoyed mine!

*Disclaimer: This is an honest review and recommendation in skincare and of Clarisonic, it is not an endorsement/sponsor nor does Erica Ashmore have anything with Clarisonic and of the manufactures of this line.

Erica Ashmore
Everything Mom and Baby

About this author

PhotobucketErica Ashmore is a first time mom and a stay a home mom. Her inspiration comes from her happy and healthy toddler and supportive husband.
She’s been in the beauty industry for over 10 years and a new mom for over a year and counting. Having a baby is exciting. How our body and skin change is remarkable and Erica is here to share with you information on beauty and fashion for you.
You can find Erica blogging at Everything Mom and Baby.

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