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If we have eggs, we have something to eat. And I know that eggs, or maybe just egg yolks, have been both praised and hazed over the years. But, personally, I’m a fan of the whole egg. If you differ, just skip the first recipe and substitute two whites for every whole egg in the second. That’s right, I have two very simple recipes for you today.

Remember egg salad? Maybe it’s just the region of the country that I am living in, but it seems to be gone with the wind. It’s still popular in this house, though. I love to have a batch in the fridge for a quick lunch or even a late breakfast.

For my favorite egg salad, finely chop one small onion and two stalks of celery.

Hard-boil and peel a dozen eggs.
And mash them together with three tablespoons of light mayonnaise (or grapeseed oil Veganaise, which is what I used today), one teaspoon of salt, a pinch of parsley, a half teaspoon of dill, a quarter teaspoon of celery salt, and a dash of garlic powder and pepper.
Serve chilled and enjoy.
Do you love quiche? Do you avoid it because of the calories? Well, I think you’ll be pretty happy with the ingredients in this crustless, lowfat one. And I know you’ll be thrilled with the taste!
Chop and pan sear five slices of turkey bacon. Add a teaspoon of vegetable oil and saute three-quarters of a cup of chopped mushrooms and a half cup of frozen spinach.
Add the warm mixture and a half cup of grated cheddar to five thoroughly beaten eggs and a cup of skim milk. Pour into a lightly greased, non-stick pie pan and cook in a 350 degree oven for 30-35 minutes.

Is your home an egg friendly household? How do you like your eggs? Share your original egg recipes with me before April 23rd. I’ll feature my favorite on my blog, and I might even offer a prize!

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  1. Cascia April 16, 2010

    I love eggs. That egg salad recipe looks so good. Eggs are a great healthy source of protein.

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