Frugal Earth Day Tips: Doing YOUR Part

I hope that you’ll do something (even if small) to help the earth! Here are some frugal ideas for doing your part to help the earth.

  1. Bring your reusable shopping bags with you! Don’t just talk about it- really take them!
  2. Change your light bulbs to compact florescent light bulbs. These last YEARS longer and save energy while helping the environment.
  3. When printing coupons, flip the page over and use the back to print your next one! This will save paper and money!
  4. Recycle your newspapers! Every week, we couponers have loads of excess newspaper. Take them to a recycling bin. The short trip to the recycling bin is well worth the trip with all the savings you get from the newspaper itself. Plus, that one newspaper that you recycle will make it possible to get future papers and save even more money!
  5. Use reusable coffee mugs! You can help save the environment one coffee cup at a time be replacing your everyday styrofoam or plastic cups with travel mugs! They are much easier to carry and can be used over and over again.
  6. Donate unwanted clothing or household goods. Instead of throwing out old clothing items, dishes, books, etc. Donate them to a local thrift store or charity. These items can be reused and re-purposed and out of your hands! Or consider having a yard sale.
  7. Recycle your old cellphones! This keeps usable materials out of land fills while saving energy. The recycling of one million cell phones can save enough energy to power 185 US households for a year! (source-
  8. Keep your lights off! Whenever possible, turn your un-needed lights off to save energy.
  9. Save water by steaming your vegetables instead of boiling them. You can give them a quick rinse, place them in a covered bowl and microwave them for a minute or two. Saves a quart or more of water each time.
  10. Refill ink cartridges instead of throwing them away and buying new ones. This saves them from the land fills and actually cost less!

I hope you’ll consider doing some of these “green” frugal tips. They won’t cost you a thing and you’ll feel great about helping the environment!

For more frugal tips, techniques, and money-saving ideas visit Saving with Amy!

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