How I Fit Back into My Skinny Jeans After Having Four Kids – Health Tips Vlog Style


This is my first vlog post so please be patient with me, I don’t think the video is the highest quality. I promise that with time and practice I will improve on vlogging.

Tips I covered in the video:

  • Eat whole grains- I shop at a discount bakery shop where we get a variety of whole grain breads for a decent price. I also use whole wheat tortillas.
  • Lean protein – Rule of thumb, if the animal has four legs only eat it once a week. We eat lots of chicken, turkey, and fish. Wild Alaskan salmon is my favorite. I make sure I serve my family salmon or tuna at least once a week. Soy is also a great protein. I supplement my diet with a protein shake. Soy protein powder, 1 banana, chocolate milk powder (either Ovaltine or Slim Fast), a scoop of powdered fiber and 8 oz of milk.
  • Five a day the color way- I always have fresh, raw fruits and veggies on hand for snaking. My kids love dried fruits. I make sure we eat a variety of different fruits and veggies.
  • Other healthy snacks in my diet include: salt free mixed nuts, salt free or low salt popcorn.
  • Avoid high sodium foods and packaged foods. I diet high in sodium can lead to heart disease and obesity.
  • Don’t have time or money to join a gym? You are not alone. I get my exercise by walking around the grocery store, doing housework, and chasing and playing with my kids. As long as you are physically active you don’t have to join a gym or purchase the wii fit. I can’t afford those things on a bloggers salary.
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Tips I may have missed on this video.

  • Avoid sugar. I purchase sugar free treats for my family and kids. but only every once in a while. Remember they are treats. I also avoid high fructose corn syrup. I only purchase sugar free jams and jellies.
  • Take vitamin supplements. I still take prenatal vitamins along with a number of other supplements. These give me the needed energy and nutrients that I may miss in my diet. I also make sure my kids take vitamins every day.
  • Avoid eating out. We only eat at restaurants about once a month. This includes fast food.

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