Still Sleep Deprived and Looking for Answers

I know it has been a while since I’ve updated all of you on our night time problems, so here is the latest. You can find Sleep Deprived and Looking for Answers part I here:

Sleep Deprived and Looking for Answers

A couple of months ago I was going crazy because my kids were not listening to me and my husband when we were putting them to bed. We tried all sorts of things to get them into a regular bed time routine but for some reason nothing worked. So I decided to reach out to my readers and ask for help.

I got a lot of responses and this article will explain what has worked for me.

My four-year-old refused to go to bed and she frequently kept my husband up until nearly midnight. She loves to play on the computer after school so we decided to take away that privilege if she did not go to bed on time. This worked for a while but it still wasn’t enough for our high energy preschooler.

For about a month now we have been giving her a half a dose of MELATONIN LIQUID – RASPBERRY/VANILLA-8 fl. oz.-Liquid about 20 minutes before putting her to bed. You can purchase this for a discounted price at Puritan’s Pride.

When we give her the melatonin she settles down a lot faster and stays in her bed.

Our two-year-old son was waking up in the middle of the night and ending up in our bed. I don’t know if he was having bad dreams or if he just couldn’t sleep but we needed to put an end to this as well. Now we give him a quarter dose of melatonin and this helps him to sleep all the way through the night.

Our baby, whom is nearly nine months now was having a tough time transitioning from co sleeping with us to sleeping in his own crib. I was getting sick and tired of nursing him three, four times a night. We decided to use the cry it out method and it worked, for a while.

Now he is waking up at 3 am every single night and all he wants to do is play. I was up from 3 until 5 this morning with my little one. How do I stop this? Do any of you have any ideas? My day was thrown completely off because he kept me up.

We finally crashed on the couch together around 5am and I ended up sleeping in until nearly 7am. My oldest was 20 minutes late for school today. Do any of you have any suggestions? Have you experienced this with your children?

Still Sleep Deprived and Looking for Answers

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