Baby Bowen-Cure For Colic

Does your baby suffer from colic? Are you desperate for a cure for colic that really works? Baby Bowen is probably the most effective yet simple method of providing instant relief for colic. In this article, I will introduce you to this amazing technique.

Baby Bowen is based on the Bowen Technique. This is a very gentle, non invasive therapy that treats a whole range of ailments and has been adapted to babies.

The Bowen Technique works by re balancing the nervous system. The nervous system controls everything in your body from muscles and cells to the release of hormones. It is responsible for every function in your body from eating and running to sleeping. If there is an imbalance in your nervous system your body will not be able to function as smoothly.

Stress causes an imbalance and this in turn causes symptoms such as heartburn, indigestion, headaches, muscle tension and poor sleeping. Babies undergo a lot of stress during birth. Often this stress is not removed and the baby is in a constant state of anxiety and stress- a symptom of an imbalanced nervous system.

This stress and anxiety leads to indigestion, wind, reflux, constipation and bloatedness which is also exhibited in adults. An easy way to tell if your baby is stressed is to look for signs such as hiccups, restlessness, difficulty falling asleep and an easily exhibited Moro reflex.

The Moro reflex is a normal reflex for an infant when he or she is startled or feels like they are falling. The infant will have a “startled” look and the arms will fling out sideways with the palms up and the thumbs flexed. In a baby with an imbalanced nervous system, this reflex is very often shown when the baby is falling asleep or when they are being put down. You can think of it as your baby being overly anxious.

Baby Bowen is a very effective tool to re balance the nervous system in babies. It consists of 5 pairs of very gentle moves that are carried out on your baby’s back and tummy. There are no negative side effects with Bowen Therapy.

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Baby Bowen provides fast relief for colic in babies and the results are immediate!What’s more, by helping your baby get balanced, you also improve their sleep patterns allowing for longer and deeper sleeps. Not only is it quick and effective, it is also so easy to learn.

Keep your baby balanced! Click here for more information on Baby Bowen.

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