CNN Tonight, “Toxic America”

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You know that line “you can’t handle the truth” from the movie A Few Good Men?

“You want answers?
I think I’m entitled to answers
You want answers?
You can’t handle the truth.

….son, we live in a world that has walls…”

So I ask you…can YOU handle the truth? Do you want to know that our bodies are bombarded by poisons every single day and that there just might be a bottom line or a price tag that means more to a company that you or I, or our children? Do you really want to know what chemicals might be found in your system today? Can you tolerate the studies and research that are linking chronic illness with ingredients that you ingest?

Can YOU handle the truth?

Knowledge is power and with the knowledge that we gain on chemicals that might be jeopardizing our health comes an opportunity for us to break down the toxic “walls” that confine us. We have a right to breathe in fresh air and to raise our families in a home that is safe.

I am ready.

If so – tonight is the first part of a 2-night investigative report on CNN called
“Toxic America, 5 Toxics that are Everywhere, Protect Yourself”

When: TONIGHT! June 2, 3rd at 8p.m. ET

Featuring: Sanjay Gupta M.D.

This is one that I definitely do not want to miss…afterall, our lives and the lives of our children or our children‘s children just might depend on it.

Find more info here:

Written By: Lynn Stone

CNN Tonight, “Toxic America”
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