Toddler Feading Time is Much Easier with Little Grips

I remember when my kids first started learning how to use utensils. Figuring out how to hold onto the fork or spoon became a struggle and food would fly all over the place and land on the floor. When my second born was about 18 mos she decided that it was easier to eat everything with her hands and the utensils ended up on the floor alongside the food that didn’t quite make it to her mouth.

Recently I was introduced by a brand new product designed to help toddlers feed themselves.

Little Grips was created by a father who couldn’t stand to watch his daughter struggle to use utensils at the dinner table. He knew that there had to be an easier way.

“No matter how hard she tried to maneuver the utensils she kept dropping the food and after no time at all she resorted to using her hands instead.

None of the existing utensils solved the problem, so out to my workbench I went and made my first prototype of Little Grips. I gave it to my daughter and without any prompting from me she immediately picked it up and began eating like a pro. We tried many different types of foods to see if the results would be the same, she could actually eat on her own without the mess and frustration.

We even tried to test her preference by putting a standard toddler fork on the highchair and she wanted nothing to do with it. Little Grips was the only fork she would use. We began to show our family and friends to see what they thought and the consensus was always unanimous, this is such a simple idea but yet so effective and helpful.

We began asking ourselves “are we the only parents who have faced this obstacle?” After a lot of prayer we decided we wanted to bring this product to the retail market; that is how Idea Blvd Inc. was created.”

My son is nearly three years old and doesn’t have a hard time using a regular fork and spoon. I was uncertain if he would benefit from this product. I like how the design fits well in his little hands. It sort of reminds me of chunky crayons for toddlers. But I was correct that Little Grips did not make much of a difference for Conan. If I had this product when he was younger I think it would have made dinner time much easier. Now that he is used to using a regular fork and spoon the Little Grips are more of a novelty for him.

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I have another child who is only 11 mos old. When he is ready to start using utensils I will certainly have him use the Little Grips first. These are great for just starting your child out with a fork and a spoon. If your son or daughter is close to three or is already used to using a regular fork and spoon I don’t recommend switching to this product. A few months from now I will have my youngest child try them out.

If you are interested in learning more about Little Grips you can visit their website at: Currently Little Grips are not available in stores. You can purchase them directly for only $10.95 at You can also visit Little Grips on Facebook and Twitter.

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  • Lisa , June 26, 2010


    What a great idea!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog last week. I have been on a bloggy break and just saw your comment.


  • Fresh Mommy , June 27, 2010

    That is a great idea! Parents can be so ingenious 🙂 I just may have to try this one with my little guy when the time comes! 🙂


  • Penelope , June 28, 2010

    Those look really cute. I'm just starting to teach little man to eat, and holding the utensils is sometimes difficult for him.

  • hen dos , August 3, 2010

    Little Grips toddler eating utensils, makes feeding time for you and your toddler easy. Feeding time for your toddler will be less messy, increase their confidence and helps them increase your toddler’s ability to use forks and spoons in the future. Little Grips make the perfect baby gift.

  • elpi , November 17, 2010

    this is great, feeding my little brother is really a mess.I will tell my mom about this little grips.

  • Stephen , November 19, 2010

    This will definitely work out for a lot of kids. Usually they have a hard time holding on to utensils that don't actually make them hold it firmly. BUT we should never forget that we have to make them learn how to use utensils one day.

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