Your Children Want to Play with You

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According to a recent study by IKEA, children prefer to play with their parents instead of watching television or playing video games.

“A global study on play asked children aged
7-12 a series of paired-choice questions in
an attempt to figure out what they would
rather do – watch TV or play with their
friends or parents.
The results were overwhelming; nine out of
ten children preferred playing socially. While
playing with friends did beat playing with
parents in most cases (89% preferred
friends), nearly three-quarters of kids
agreed that they preferred playing with their
parents over watching TV. While data like
this may come as a pleasant surprise to
adults who worry that kids today prefer
screen entertainment over more active types
of play, Dr. Barbie Clarke, co-author of the
report, was not surprised by the results.”

You can learn more about their study by joining their Facebook Fan Page.

Do you play with your children? How often do you play with your kids? Ask your children if they enjoy playing with you. You might be surprised!


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Your Children Want to Play with You
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