15 Reasons To Love Lemons

So what’s that saying, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade?”

How about making cleaner instead? Or beauty treatments? Yes indeed – lemons offer numerous health benefits and as the strongest, most acidic food in our kitchen they have the ability to clean and brighten, disinfect and make life smell lovely lemony fresh along the way. So for a healthy and inexpensive alternative to many chemical treatments – behold the wonder of this little yellow fruit!

Lemons have been used by humans for thousands of years, and due to their high Vitamin C content and acidity, they are useful for a variety of household purposes!

15. Decorate! Add a few brightly colored lemons to a vase and you have yourself a gorgeous table centerpiece at a price to celebrate.

14. Whiten Your Nails for a pretty look this summer! Slice lemon into a wedge and rub gently on the surface of your nails.

13. Whiten Your Laundry: Lemons are not just useful in whitening your nails, but can also be added to your laundry to brighten up those dingy whites. So go ahead and add 1/2 cup to your wash cycle! For bleaching purposes, add lemon juice to the rinse cycle and hang your clothes outside.

12. Air Freshener: Half a lemon stored in the fridge will help alleviate any icky smells that might be lurking within.

11. Toilet: Mix 1 cup of lemon juice with 1/2 cup of borax for a great clean with a wonderful smell.

10. Ants: You don’t need insecticides or unsightly ant traps to get rid of the little pesky-ones from your kitchen! Pour lemon juice or spray from a spray bottle on areas where ants are seen. Squirt on door thresholds and windowsills and into any visible cracks where ants might be getting in. Scatter some peels around and watch them scurry away!

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9. All Purpose Cleaner: a natural substance that can be used to clean our homes when mixed with baking soda/vinegar.

8. Natural Highlights: To lighten your hair this summer, spritz with lemon juice or dampen hair using fingertips and go sit in the sun for an hour for a lighter, lovely summer shade.

7. Onion Smell: You know that persistent smell on your hands after you slice onions? Rubbing your hands with lemon juice will neutralize the odor.

6. Garbage Disposal Gunk: Give your disposal a fresh scent by deodorizing it with leftover lemon peels! Toss them in and switch the disposal on for a fresh smell once a month.

5. Underarm stains: Scrub stains with an equal part mixture of lemon juice and water.

4. Age Spots: Rub a bit of fresh lemon juice on any age spots you might have on your skin and let it sit for 20 minutes before rinsing – this works as an effective and affordable skin lightener.

3. Mouthwash: Simply gargle straight lemon juice as you normally would with a commercial brand. This is a safe and chemical free way to kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. Long term exposure to the acid can have damaging effects on your tooth enamel – so you will want to be sure to rinse your mouth with water after a few minutes so it does not sit on your teeth all day.

2. Limescale: Scrub your faucets and sinks with a mix of lemon juice and baking soda to get rid of hard water stains and limescale.

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…and the number one reason to love lemons?

1. Detox: Help your body get rid of toxic overload by starting your day with a hot cup of lemon water “tea” – This is a healthy way to not only begin your day, but to continuously enjoy the benefits all day long with slices of fresh lemon in your water while staying hydrated! This refreshing drink has many health benefits and with it’s high antioxidant levels can aid the liver by neutralizing free radicals. Besides, it not only tastes delish…it’s pretty too! So drink up!

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  • Lucy postpartumillness.com , July 11, 2010

    We drink lemon water all the time for the health benefits. Ill take a big jug, cut up lemons and cucumber and let them soak in the water over night. The next week you will have tasty water to drink.

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