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Beauté de Maman Obstetrician Developed Health and Beauty Products Safe for Mom and Baby

In April, 2008, board-certified obstetrician, Dr. Michele Brown launched a new line of health and wellness products designed for expectant mothers.

During her 20 plus years as an obstetrician, Dr. Brown learned that a lot of women suffer from major problems during pregnancy. These include, stretch marks, acne, nausea and vomiting. She wanted to help them by creating products that are unique and different. Beaute de Maman (French, Beauty of Mother) is the only obstetrician designed health and beauty product line on the market today.

Beaute de Maman products include, Nipple Gel for Nursing Women, A Dietary Herbal Supplement for Pregnancy Related Nausea, Stretch Mark Cream, Face and Body Cream, and Facial Scrub. Health and beauty aids for pregnancy and breastfeeding found in department stores and drug stores can not be compared to Dr. Brown’s line. For example, popular nipple gels used for breastfeeding are made with lanolin. Most women don’t understand how lanolin is made and why it isn’t good for infants. Lanolin is made from sheep which graze on grass treated with pesticides. These chemicals can get transferred from the sheep into the lanolin. The Beaute de Maman Nipple Gel is made from Omega 3 fatty acids which is proven to help with infants eye and brain development. It is also orderless, and colorless.

The Beaute de Maman nausea pill is the only treatment for pregnancy related nausea that follows the American College of OBGYN guidelines. It combines three effective ingredients, vitamin B6, ginger and lime in one easy to swallow capsule. Vitamin D was added due to the fact that many pregnant women, especially those suffering from nausea and vomiting are deficient in this essential vitamin.

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The Beaute de Maman Facial scrub is made with teatrea oil. It is plant based, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and very effective in treating moderate acne. Most acne products contain benzoil peroxide which smells and stains clothing. Most acne treatments are not recommended to be used by pregnant women.

Three active ingredients proven to increase collegian and elestin are included in the Beaute de Maman stretch mark cream. Most stretch mark creams just moisturize and they do not add skin proteins. Some of the popular creams on the market today also have carcinogens and oils which stain clothing.

Retailing for around $20.00 or less, the Beaute de Maman products are affordable for just about any woman‘s budget. You can purchase them online at Beaute de Maman.com or find them at Target.com and Amazon.com.

You can also find updated pregnancy related articles on her website. Each article is written by Dr. Brown and covers a variety of topics including, infant care, pregnancy safety, and pregnancy related illnesses and complications.

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  1. blueviolet July 7, 2010

    It's nice to see something priced so reasonably!

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