Make a Smoothie Today

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Especially during the hot summer months, Smoothies are a favorite snack or meal replacement for me.
Smoothies, pound for pound, are some of the most nutrient dense meals. A green smoothie with some fruit and berries can deliver more antioxidants and phytonutrients than most meals eaten by the majority of people around the world. It’s also easier to digest, since a good blender will break up the plant fibers for better absorption.
By preparing a smoothie every morning, you can start off your day with the protection of antioxidants, an incredible array of vitamins and nutrients, as well as get the energy and calories you need to go on with you day without getting hunger pangs an hour after your first meal.
Currently, my smoothie of choice is a mix including Shakeology, mixed berries, and stawberry yogurt, blended with ice. YUMMY!
What are your favorite smoothies? Share them here. 
– Coach Jenn of Team Beachbody and

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Make a Smoothie Today
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