Green Your Weekend – “It’s Time for Change”

The Story of Cosmetics…much more than just a pretty face.
Sad, but undeniably true. Have you given any thought to what all of those big hard-to-pronounce words are on the back of that liquid soap that lathers up so nicely on your baby? What about the sodium something something and “fragrance” that’s in your favorite potion, er lotion I mean. Perhaps that big word means something similar to…
“We are completely messing with all of you naive consumers and your health and you have no clue, do you”
I am pretty sure some translator somewhere might agree with me on this. If not a translator in “technical” terms – The Story of Stuff Project worked closely with The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to develop and distribute The Story of Cosmetics – with the goal of translating and making sense of all these words for us. The following video was created to bring awareness to the important issue of toxic ingredients and the lack of regulation to the cosmetics industry and what all of this means to us. It is a must-see film, set to educate and inspire all of us on what toxins are being use every single day in products that we think are safe by companies that we have trusted.
“Because of major loopholes in federal law, companies are allowed to use nearly any ingredient in cosmetics and personal care products – even chemicals that are known to harm human health and the environment” (safecosmetics).
What really gets me are those companies who are totally “pink-washing” their way into our lives with deception and manipulation through breast cancer. Some of the biggest offenders are well-known companies who are boasting claims that they are breast cancer supporters and pretending that they actually care by placing a pink ribbon on the front of the bottle. When in fact, many of their products actually contain known carcinogens! What. The?
And if that wasn’t enough?
“Campaign for Safe Cosmetics co-founder, the Environmental Working Group, analyzed cosmetics and personal care product ingredients against definitive government, industry and academic databases of hazardous chemicals and found that more than 1 in 5 personal care products contain chemicals linked to cancer, 80 percent contain ingredients that commonly contain hazardous impurities and 56 percent contain penetration enhancers that help deliver ingredients deeper into the skin(SafeCosmetics).
So this weekend, if you can find a way to set aside just 8 minutes – it could be some of the most valuable 8 minutes you have ever spent in your entire life. In this short 8 minute video, you may find that what you have always believed to be true – is not. What you always valued as important, is not. What you thought was safe, has never been. And without our knowledge and action, these companies can and will continue to sell us cancer-causing bunk and harmful products for our developing children. So can it change? Quite possibly!
This is so not okay with me and I urge you to view this and share this with everyone you know. It’s time for change!

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