Looking for Some Natural Energy Boosters?

A recent study from the National Sleep Foundation revealed that more than half of Americans are not getting enough sleep each night, so it’s no wonder many of you feel energy-starved. While more sleep is certainly an option—it’s likely totally unrealistic for busy moms who juggles the many pressures of being a woman already each day. Here are a few from Peggy Hall, a national wellness expert with Oregon Chai:

Just breathe. Deep breathing helps get your blood pumping (and gives you an oxygen boost), along with helping you feel more at ease. It’s also really easy to take 10 deep breaths anywhere—from subway to the shopping center. I usually do this in the evening while watching television.

Get those fluids. Not getting enough liquids means that your body is working harder (and using up more energy). Staying hydrated doesn’t mean you’re stuck drinking just water—in fact naturally caffeinated drinks like Oregon Chai will give you an extra jolt of energy to keep you going. This is challenging for many of us. I found that if I carry around a water bottle with me all day it helps me to make sure I get the required amount of fluids.

Take a hike. (Or a walk, or a bike ride, or even just do a couple jumping jacks.) While it may seem counter intuitive, upping your activity level will up your energy too! I try to go for a walk at least four times a week. If the weather is too hot in your area or too cold try some mall walking.

If you are having a difficult time falling asleep at night it might be due to stress. Sometimes moms get so busy that we don’t find time for ourselves. This causes stress on our bodies which can lead to insomnia, depression, and even heart disease. Make sure you schedule “me time,” so you can re-energize.

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My husband takes the kids away about two or three times each week so I can get some “me time.” I tell my inquisitive four year old that I need this so I can be a better Mommy. We call it, “Mommy time.” I have the whole house to myself and I usually spend the time exercising, catching up on my favorite television show, or I take a nice long bath with lavender bath salts. I also make sure I have a nice hot cup of Oregon Chai Tea. What do you do during your “me time?”

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*Disclosure: I received a mug, mug warmer and 10 oz canister of Oregon Chai Tea Latte Mix from Oregon Chai in exchange for this article.

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