More Than 20 Simple Things to Make You Happy

Happiness does not come from being complicated, expensive or fussy. Simple things are often far more effective. Think of the gift from a child or a loved one that is simply a pressed flower from a walk that was shared together, or a compilation of special songs or tunes. Many people would prefer that to an expensive gift quickly bought at the last minute.

Here are a few of my thoughts of the simple things that can make you happy – add your own with pleasure.

1. Clean sheets on the bed, always a winner. Add a few drops of lavender to the final rinse cycle.

2. Close the curtains, turn off the light and listen to some beautiful music in the dark.

3. Take a bubble bath. Light candles, warm the towels and allow yourself thirty minutes ‘me’ time.

4. Cook a meal for the family, lay the table and enjoy being together, sharing some catch-up time.

5. Watch a thunderstorm from the safety of your home. Marvel at the power of nature.

6. Sit and eat lunch. Give yourself some quiet time.

7. Buy a bunch of flowers for yourself and put them somewhere unexpected, like the bathroom so they are there for you when you take your morning shower.

8. Get out an old photograph album and reminisce. Enjoy laughing and crying at the different pictures and the memories they evoke.

9. Adopt a Moon Bear. Being able to give to charity is a privilege and often if you adopt a child or an animal you receive regular updates on their progress.

10. Get up early and take a walk while the air is still fresh and there are not many people about.

11. Grab an old loaf and go feed the ducks in the park.

12. Phone a friend and allow time for a leisurely chat.

13. Buy a bar of good quality chocolate and savour every mouthful.

14. Friday afternoon 4.30pm, think of the weekend ahead. Make sure there is something planned for you in there.

15. Go to the beach. Take a walk on the sand and collect a few shells. Practice skimming pebbles on the sea.

16. Allow an afternoon to catch up on the old films that you have been wanting to watch.

17. Plan a special evening with your partner or friends. Phone and book the date. Dress up and make it a special time.

18. Pass on happiness. Take time to give a compliment, say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ . Make someone else feel good.

19. Go to bed early and read a book. Have time for yourself.

20. Invite friends round for a coffee. All you need is a jar of instant coffee and a packet of custard creams and you have a nice morning with friends scheduled in.

21. Maybe borrow a friends dog and go for a long walk.

22. Marvel at a beautiful baby, the smell of their hair, their perfect fingers and toes, and smile.

Hope some of these ideas have made you think of simple ways that you can add value to your days. Enjoy !

Susan Leigh, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist

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