The New and Improved Ear Doc isn’t Much Better than the Old One

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Don’t waste your money on this cheap piece of plastic.

A little over a year ago I was contacted by the Ear Doc to write a review on their product. When we got the first one it didn’t work very well and it fell apart.

“All of the promises that this company says this instrument can perform sound great but it needs some major improvements. For one thing, it is light weight and made of cheap plastic. The Ear Doc takes two double A batteries which are not included. This tool is so flimsy that it wouldn’t take much to break it. All we did was put the batteries back in because they fell out and the darn thing fell apart. I was very disappointed.” Read More

Recently I was contacted by the company once again. They stated that they have improved the Ear Doc and was wondering if I would look at the new and improved version.

Before I got the chance to look at it my on year old managed to rip it out of the package. He also broke it. Again the plastic is still flimsy and cheap. It is extremely lightweight and reminds me of a child‘s toy. My little one was able to break it in less than ten minutes.

If you are thinking about purchasing the “New and Improved Ear Doc,” don’t waste your money.

*Disclosure: I received an Ear Doc from Ear Doc in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.
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The New and Improved Ear Doc isn’t Much Better than the Old One
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