Ultimate Body Sculpt Kettlebell DVD Review

I have been interested in giving Kettlebells a try for a while now, but have been hesitant after hearing stories of injuries and inexperienced instructors. So, I was excited to find Kettlebell expert Lauren Brooks on Facebook, and even more excited to find out that she had her own DVD. I asked if I could review it and she kindly sent me a copy along with an extra for a giveaway.

This DVD is fun and super effective. It contains instructions, a warm-up, a short 12-minute workout, and a longer 40-minute workout. As a Kettlebell novice, I loved the introduction and demonstration segments. Lauren reviews the moves methodically so you can follow along and learn proper form. She also reviews recommended starting weights depending on your level of strength.

After practicing my form and reviewing all of the instructions, I decided to give the 40-minute workout a try. I rotated between a 10 pound or 15 pound bell depending on how challenging the exercise was for my personal strength. It was an excellent workout. In between high-intensity segments there are 60 second rest periods. You can use this time to either relax and get some water or do some light cardio like jumping jacks or running in place. By the middle of the workout, you’ll appreciate the rests!

In reviews I have read, some have complained about Lauren’s personality. She’s very matter-of-fact, but I prefer this approach versus some of those instructors who sound like “woo-hoo” cheerleaders.
I am thrilled to now have some Kettlebell experience and plan on making these workouts a part of my weekly routine. Thanks to Lauren for a great introduction to this fun and interesting strength/cardio combination.

If you are interested in entering a giveaway for a copy of this DVD, stop by PersonalFitCoach.com for details.

– All the best in health and fitness
– Coach Jenn of PersonalFitCoach.com and Team Beachbody Fitness Coaching

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