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Now where is that piece?

I think I am almost done!

This is my son Conan. He is three years old and recently developed a fascination for puzzles. If you are new to this blog you might not know a whole lot about Conan. He is very gifted and has been since birth. His cognitive development has always been a head of most children. At age three he has a collection of about a half a dozen puzzles. He can put together a 24 piece puzzle in about 5 or 10 minutes without looking at the picture. Sometimes he challenges himself by putting the puzzle together upside down. He can do a 60 piece puzzle in about 15 minutes all by himself without looking at the picture. I don’t know how he does it but it blows my mind.

Do you do puzzles with your kids?

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  • lindsey , August 25, 2010

    Thats amazing!
    My daughter loves to do puzzles too. We do the 24 piece ones together.

  • Cascia , August 25, 2010

    Thanks for visiting, Lindsey. You know what? I totally forgot to put up the McLinky this morning. I am so sorry! I am going to add it right now.

  • Lisa , August 25, 2010

    Cute pictures – love the tie! My younger son loved to do puzzles as a toddler. He could sit for hours with a pile of puzzles and put them together one by one. In the nursery, the worker thought it would be fun to dump a couple puzzles at a time and watch my son put them together into two puzzles.

  • Cascia , August 25, 2010

    Lisa, I should try that with my son. I bet he'd be able to separate the two puzzles. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Muthering Heights , August 26, 2010

    That's wonderful!

    My daughter LOVES puzzles. She can do a 100 piece puzzle by herself, but she has to look at the picture. 🙂

  • The Jacobsen Family! , August 26, 2010

    Wow, impressive! Love his tie too! =)

  • Lucy postpartumillness.com , August 26, 2010

    I love to do puzzles with my boys. I like the second picture it really captures the wheels turning in his little head. You have a genious sitting at the table.

  • Help! Mama Remote... , August 26, 2010

    My little one loves puzzles too. I love the tie!

  • Jo&apos;s Health Corner , August 26, 2010

    Wow! Conan is amazing! My children love to do puzzles, it is so good for their development..

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