Mineral Fusion Hair Care

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Want to know more about Mineral Fusion?
They make make up, hair care, body and brushes and tools?
Well lets talk hair care.
It only makes sense to replenish your hair with minerals such as copper, zinc, ma,manganese and with the minerals in this line, naturally your is protected from the Sun. Infused with Vitamin A,B, C,D & E.
With four key points in treating your hair with revitalizing minerals, cleansing and nourishing actions with Aloe, Cranberries and Jojoba you also know that Mineral Fusion shampoos have formula purity so it’s vegan, no animal testing, free of parabens, SLS and artificial colours and minerals.
Minerals on mission one hair strand at a time.  Check out their collection of mineral make up too!

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Mineral Fusion Hair Care
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