September is Organic Harvest Month!

It is. It really really is. “What” you wonder? Oh well, let me just share with you that THIS is not just September…oh no. Indeed, it is “Organic Harvest Month” (giddy green dance).
Sorry I know that must be a difficult image to process, but seriously! Now is the absolute best time to get some green groove friends and stock up. September is all about bountiful harvests and farmer’s out in their fields with their nut harvester, and other crops beginning to take their long winter nap….and we get to be the lucky recipients of all of this. I love farmers! Well, okay – not ALL farmers. Yes, I have a major crush on those that value their crops and Mother Earth at the same time – Organic Farmers. They know that they can produce crops in a natural and organic way without having to use synthetic chemicals. Chemicals that are bunk! Chemicals that only help their bottom line by creating “bunk food” for us. Bunk food that can and might just cause damage to our bodies – and especially the little tiny developing bodies of our children. Okay I am venting.
Bottom line is that organic farming helps all of us! It creates better and healthier soil and their aren’t nasty pesticides running into our ground water all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico. Yes, that does happen. We can change this though by supporting these farmer’s who care about our health and the health of all other eco-systems by purchasing ORGANIC!
So often we hear that organic just costs too much. Well think of it as part of your health and life insurance policy. By paying a bit more, you might just reduce your risk for many diseases and conditions including ADHD in children, which has been linked to pesticides. See more here.
I know first hand how hard it is to live with a small budget, but I have still found ways to buy what I need the most in organic form. I am not able to purchase everything organic, but I do buy the things that we need and want the most – that have the greatest risk. Check out the EWG for a printable list or download it to your mobile phone, of the Dirty Dozen. It’s a great list of the produce that has the most and least amounts of pesticides. It’s easy to use and convenient to take on your shopping trip. We may not all be able to buy 100% organic foods all the time, but we can take steps to reduce the amounts.
So this “National Organic Harvest Month“, I encourage you to take a look at the foods that your family eats the most of and start from there! Organic farmers can thrive as long as we are there to buy their food. No more “Frankenstein Foods,” we deserve better.
So this weekend – stop at your local Farmer’s Market and give some support to your local farmer’s…ask hard questions about their methods and feel good knowing you are taking important steps to ensuring your family’s health!

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  • Corine , September 11, 2010

    Cool! I love organic, too. But will admit, I seldom buy it because of the price. However, I am a gardener now… so have enjoyed organic foods from my garden this year! Yeah!

    I am happy to learn about the foods that have the most pesticides so I can avoid at least those, and choose a few organically grown foods. Thank you for sharing! 😀

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