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This Wordless Wednesday is not going to be very “wordless” today. I am sad because we have until Friday to find homes for our beloved cats. We pack up the house on the weekend and on Monday we leave for Spokane, WA and move into our newly rented 2200 square foot home that does not allow pets.

This is my oldest and her beautiful Angora/Main Coon mix Mr. Mistoffelees. Yes he is named after the same Mr. Mistoffelees from the musical Cats. Courtney and I are big Andrew Lloyd Webber fans. He is eight years old and we got him from a pet store when he was a little kitten.

He’s a good cat and has been a big part of this family. We haven’t had a whole lot of problems with him except that he protests when his litter box isn’t clean and he developed crystals in his urine so now he is on a special diet. Mistoffelees is a member of our family and we are going to miss him.

Mr. Mistoffelees

This is my baby, Jennyanydots “Jenny”. She was my baby before Ciara was born. Jenny is an American Long Hair and is six years old. Courtney and I rescued her when she was just a tiny kitten. Something had happened to her mother and Jenny and her sister were living near a dumpster in a Wal-Mart parking lot. She was a very frightened little cat when I took her home. I cared for her, fed her with a bottle and tamed her.

Jenny became a sweet little kitty and used to sleep with me every night. She was playful and friendly and again, my baby. All of that changed when we got her spayed. She had a reaction to the anesthesia and lost her vision. Now without her site for five years it is getting to her and she is starting to lose her mind as well. I am the only one that can pick her up without her hissing. She will only purr for me. She hates the little kids and hides in the garage most of the time.

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I wish I had more time to spend with her and be able to play with her again and give her the attention she needs. Jenny is special and needs a very special home.

Please pray that I find homes for my wonderful pets. They are a part of the family.

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