Are You and Your Family Protected Against the Flu?

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Cold and flu season is in full swing. This year the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is exploring new ways to fight the flu. They are teaming up with Brickfish, an award winning social media company, to help them launch a new public awareness program. The new program, “The Flu Ends with You,” asks consumers to help create Public Service Announcements to encourage them to get the flu vaccine.

If you are interested in getting involved you can find out more information at

The program ends on December 20, 2010. For complete details please visit:

The Healthy Moms Magazine encourages pregnant women, children under the age of 18, the elderly, people with immune deficiencies and people living with infants under the age of 12 mos to get vaccinated for the flu. Visit to find a local clinic where you and your family can get a flu shot.

About Brickfish®
Brickfish® is the performance-based Cost Per Engagement® (CPE®) social media solution that has generated 300 million consumer engagements and conversations for advertising agencies and Fortune 1000 marketing leaders like Microsoft and Nike. Its patent pending Viral Map® and Geo View technologies track reach, frequency, and viral activity in real time across the global Web. Brickfish is a Red Herring Global 100 winner and an OMMA Award winner for Best Viral Campaign.
Cost Per Engagement and CPE are registered trademarks of Brickfish.

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Are You and Your Family Protected Against the Flu?
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