Bob Harper’s Inside Out Pure Burn DVD Review

For sometime now, I’ve been wanting to try out Bob Harper’s Pure Burn Super Strength DVD. I kept going to the website and meaning to order the entire Inside Out Program, but never got around to it. Then, one day in Walmart, I saw this DVD for only $9 and had to give it a try.

I went into the workout knowing that it would be challenging. Just one look at the Inside Out Method web site and you’ll see that these workouts are NOT for beginners. But, as you know, I am getting pretty darned fit these days and always up for a new challenge. And, there actually is a beginner workout included with the DVD as well.

The beginner workout is 20 minutes long. I just watched it to review it. It starts out with stretches to warm up for 3 minutes. Then Bob takes you through a series of squats, where you can use or not use weights. Bob goes over what it means to have good form in each of the exercises. Bob takes you through bicep curls, tricep extensions, triceps kickbacks, alternating lunges, front raises, lateral raises, shoulders, dead lifts, bentover wide row, and then some pushups and ab work. Each exercise just focusing on one movement, there are no combinations. It is a great starting place for someone who hasn’t worked out or lifted weights.

Now onto the 60 minute workout… Actually, it is 66 minutes. Those extra 6 minutes really do make a difference.

First, there is a motivational speech by Bob. He says people are always saying, “If I had Bob as my trainer…” well, with this DVD, now you do! The workout starts with a stretch and warm up. After a couple of minutes of warming up, Bob gets down to business. Bob goes right into pushups, alternating with a runner’s stretch. This is probably the easiest part of the DVD. The whole workout keeps going for 66 minutes, with only 2 water breaks. I had to pause a few times to get a drink and rest before moving on.

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On the plus side, you really can go at your own pace while following the DVD. Bob doesn’t really give you a specific rep count. He lets you go for reps based on time instead. I used 5, 8, and 10 pound weights depending on how difficult each exercise was for my strength. Bob reminds you that you can always drop your weights and has one participant as the “modifier” to show easier moves, which are still pretty darned challenging.

You can clearly see that the people in the video are working hard. They need to take breaks too. In fact, they grunt and groans more than any other workout video I’ve seen. But, at least I did not feel alone as I pushed, grunted and squealed myself. The workout is set up so you do a series of exercises and then you repeat it once. I had to take some modifications, especially at the end. I was doing push-ups on my knees by the end because there were so many. Then, there is a plank, side-plank-one-arm-lift series that had my arms feeling like Jello.

This is an amazing full-body workout. I am pleased to announce that I am not too sore the day after. I was surprised since I trained a client BEFORE this workout. I suppose as a P90X grad, I shouldn’t be too sore. In fact, when I first saw this workout, I kind of thought Bob was “ripping off” Tony Horton (creator of P90X). There are some similarities in terms of the set, and camera work, but I just love Bob and found it to be a really great workout.

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Probably my only complaint is that the music is kind of bland and also sort of soft in the background. Now I am intrigued to try the other three workouts in the program.

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