Fueling the Teen Machine Teaches Teens How to Make Healthy Choices

As a mother of a teenage girl I want her to become more independent and along with that is learning how to take care of herself from the inside out without her annoying mom getting into the way. I hope through my example she has learned a little bit about how to make healthy choices. Sometimes our teens need more than just examples and advice from their parents.

Our teens may find us annoying and pushy if we talk too much about how they should take care of their bodies. In order to encourage independence they need outside sources to help them. Mom and Dad are not very smart in the eyes of a teenager but books, teachers, and the internet are.

Fueling the Teen Machine. is the perfect outside source that teaches teenagers how to make healthy choices when it comes to food, exercise, and weight management. The book is an easy read and I believe is suitable for kids from 12-18.

The first chapter discusses the basics behind food and nutrition. Fueling the Teen Machine references the food pyramid when explaining portion size, vitamins, and the food groups.

In the next few chapters Authors Ellen Shanley and Colleen Thompson go into detail about physical activity, weight management and eating disorders. They encourage teens to have at least 1 hour of physical activity a day. They also include examples and ideas for your teen to help him get his 1 hour of exercise. The weight management chapter explains what BMI means and how your teen can determine if she is overweight or just right. This chapter also discusses fad diets, calories and tips for athletes. The chapter on eating disorders is very helpful for teenagers especially girls. Girls are always concerned about their body image. Your teen can learn the basics behind eating disorders and body image along with helpful websites and phone numbers where she can reach out to if she believes she may have the symptoms of an eating disorder.

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The rest of the book is all about food from vegetarianism to sports nutrition and recipes. Fueling the Teen Machine is a great resource that every teenager must read. If you believe that your child will not read it if you tell him too just slip it into his backpack. If he finds out you were the one who put it there he’ll thank you later.

Fueling the Teen Machine can be purchased on Amazon.com for under $15.00.

*Disclosure I received a copy of Fueling the Teen Machine from BullPub.com in exchange for this review. All opinions are accurate and 100% mine.

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