Headaches During Pregnancy

Headaches can be very common during pregnancy especially if you have a history of headaches when you are not pregnant. Pregnancy hormones can make headaches feel much worse. Hunger and stress can also bring on a headache during pregnancy. Some women cut back on caffeine which can also bring on caffeine withdrawal headaches.

For some women headaches during pregnancy are just minor while for others they can be very painful and bothersome. Some women experience painful migraine headaches during pregnancy and they can affect their daily life.

If you are suffering from pregnancy headaches ask your doctor what you can do to relieve them. Acetaminophen is the only safe pain reliever during pregnancy. Your doctor may also suggest that you put a cold washcloth on your head. You can also gently massage your temples and rest in a dark quiet room. If you believe that stress might be the cause of your headaches try to find out what is triggering them and avoid that activity. You can also try some stress relievers like a nice warm bath, listening to calm music, and of course getting plenty of rest.

Call your doctor if your headaches get worse or you start seeing spots, experience blurred vision, or they make you sick to your stomach.

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