Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: What to Expect and When to be Worried

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Morning sickness or nausea is very common in early pregnancy. Some women can’t even think about eating while others can only handle certain foods. Some women get sick right after they eat. This icky feeling in your stomach might not only occur in the morning. Some women have morning sickness only in the afternoon while others suffer from it all day.

It’s okay if you can’t keep much down during the early weeks of pregnancy. As long as you continue taking your prenatal vitamin you and your baby should be just fine.

Some women have nausea and vomiting that is so severe that it can lead to weight loss and loss of fluids. This condition called, hyperemesis gravidarum if not treated can put the unborn baby at risk. If you can’t keep any food or liquid down, lose weight quickly, have dark, scant urine or vomit blood you could have hyperemesis gravidarum and should call your doctor right away.

Treatment of this condition is usually hospitialization along with fluids given intravenously. Your doctor may also treat you with anti-nausea medications. Most women with this condition are not allowed to eat any food until the vomiting stops.

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Morning Sickness During Pregnancy: What to Expect and When to be Worried
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