Potty Training Checklist

re you ready to start potty training your little one? Here is a checklist of items you will need if you are going to begin the process.

1. Potty Chair – since your child is too small to use a regular toilet, this chair will allow him or her to be more comfortable while learning the ins and outs of toilet training.

2. Toilet Trainer – this device is for kids that want to try and go to the bathroom like big people. Just put the insert over the rim of the seat and it will make the toilet opening a smaller.

3. Flushable wipes – These wipes are pre-moistened and help keep soiled areas clean. You can buy them at most supermarkets and drug stores.

4. Training Pants – trainers are like the minor leagues of potty training. Not quite regular underwear but a step up from diapers.

5. Potty Training Chart – Many school teachers use charts to show improvements in academic performance. This chart works the same way but it is used to measure strides in potty training.

6. Rewards – If you want to reinforce a positive behavior, rewards are one of the best ways to go about it. When someone is rewarded for performing a task they are more likely to perform it again.

7. Time – make sure you have the time to dedicate to potty training. Arrange to have time at home for a week or two, so that you can make a concerted effort to get potty training off a good start.
Don’t confuse your child by making them use strange bathrooms at the start of the training period.

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  • david , December 31, 2010

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