Saving Money for the Holidays

We all want our families to have a fun and enjoyable Christmas. As a child I remember we didn’t have much but there were always plenty of presents under our Christmas tree each year. My kids usually have their wish lists ready by Halloween and I try my best to grant as many of those wishes I can. But with four children and the costs of toys and electronics going up every year I bet you are wondering just how I do it.

With the economy slowing down and prices on the rise it is no longer feasible to live paycheck to paycheck. I created a strict family budget that allows me to save money each month. If you want your kids to have a special Christmas this year you should make sure you are stashing money aside for the Holidays.
In order to do this you must take a closer look at your family’s expenses. Is there anything you can do to lower your heating costs this winter? Check your insulation and cover your windows with plastic to keep out drafts.

Are you spending money on items that your family doesn’t need? How often do you eat out? If you are eating out once a week, try cutting back to once every two weeks or once a month.

Shop early. If you don’t think you will have the money for those hot gifts when they go on sale early in the shopping season take a look at payday loans. These are relatively inexpensive and you will be able to get your kids cheap presents before the prices go up.

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