Signs of Potty Training Readiness and Getting Started With Your Unique Child

Children all have different personalities and respond to potty training in their own unique way. Some kids need extra attention and lots of praise and rewards. While others just need a little encouragement.

How do you know if your child is ready for potty training? According to Huggies Big Kid Central you should look for two or more of these signs of readiness:

Your child can stay dry for two hours at a time during the day or is dry after a nap.
Your child is uncomfortable with soiled diapers and wants them changed. (pronto!)
Your child shows increasing interest in the bathroom.
Your child’s b.m.’s are regular and predictable.
Your child wants to wear Big Kid® pants.
Your child can indicate by words, facial expression or body language that he or she
is about to go.
Your child can follow simple verbal directions.

If your child is ready to take the plunge into potty training make sure you have all the right tools for success. You will need a potty chair, a chart or some kind of reward for the child, parent resources such as books and potty training DVDs, wet wipes for easy clean ups, and toys or books for the child to use while on the potty.

Place the potty in the bathroom and turn it into a friendly atmosphere for your child. If your child is artistic hang up his or her artwork near the potty. You can also decorate their potty with their favorite stickers and place a basket filled with your child’s favorite books and toys near the potty.

If you are using a potty training chart hang it up where it will be visible to your child and have him help you place the stickers on it. Make potty training fun and enjoyable for you and your child. You can play potty training games, sing songs about potty training, read books and there are several potty training DVDs for both you and your child.

Most kids complete the potty training process in about 8 months to a year so be patient with your child. Don’t listen or fall for programs that say you can train your child in a week. These don’t work for every child. Remember your little trainer is unique and special and the process needs to be catered for his individual needs and learning style.

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