Bob Evans Fit From The Farm Menu: A Mini Van Mom’s Review

I used to love to eat out. But now . . . with four children . . . eating out is difficult.  Not to mention the fact that I have slightly high standards.  Kind of comes with the territory when you self title your blog as “Granola Mom.”

But when given the opportunity to sample a free item from the new Fit From the Farm menu featured at Bob Evans,  I had to aqueous . . . free and supposedly healthy.  Not one to frequent chain restaurants, I knew that this excursion would have to occur at a time sans Hottie Hubby and ALL of my children.

What is Fit From The Farm?  I first imagined it to be food from farmers who worked out while plowing, or meat in which the cows performed yoga before visiting the butcher.

Alas, no.  But I did burn a few calories imagining this delightful scene in my mind.

Think six hundred fifty.  650 calories per Fit From The Farm meal.

Enter my first positive encounter with Bob Evans, home of my former Friday morning high school breakfasts with a once-upon-a-friend named, Erin.

Drum roll:  you can call your order in.

Bob Evans has changed quite a bit from high school.  As have I.  They didn’t have call-ahead service back in high school.

I now have a mini van and a cell phone.  So . . . operation Fit From The Farm commenced after unloading the three boys to my willing and excited mother-in-law.  With my red cell phone, I called the nearest Bob Evans that I could find.  Easy to do with this handy tool on the Bob Evans website. Straightaway the hungry and very girly baby and I traversed to our local Bob Evans establishment.

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I was informed that my Chicken, Spinach, and Tomato Pasta would be ready in 5 minutes.


When I cook a meal . . . you are talking something closer to 24 hours with all of the sprouting, chopping, fermenting, and home cooking.  Needless to say, I was slightly disturbed that my food would be ready in the time allotted for some commercials during the Biggest Loser show.

And then they offered a slice of pumpkin pie with my meal.

Seriously?  There should be a Bob Evans do not ask rule if someone orders from the Fit From The Farm menu.

I had already declined a side item.  Pumpkin pie?  I made sure to stress the fact that I wanted a FIT. FROM. THE. FARM. menu item.

Maybe that is like ordering a decaf, skinny, sugar free mocha with whipping cream.  Eat a Fit From The Farm menu item . . . feel better about yourself . . . then, with the calories you saved, have a piece of pie.

No.  I don’t want a pumpkin pie.  Don’t the locals read my blog?  It’s B.E.E. 90x time in my household!

Sigh.  My resolve is only so strong.  Don’t tempt me.

Second positive encounter with Bob Evans:  they brought my meal to my car.  

Thank you very much.  I was not looking forward to getting the precious screaming baby out of the car in the rainy weather while I was lactating all over my shirt.

Even after nursing my 3 month old bundle of pink to sleep once we returned hom, I was still greeted to a warm meal that I did not prepare.


And it was exactly what I ordered.  Nothing more.  Nothing less.  Well . . . there was something I wasn’t expecting.  A lot of oil.  Is that healthy?  Depends on the oil.  I wonder, what kind of oil does Bob Evans use?  I personally am an olive oil or coconut oil girl.

O.K.  Spinach (that was still nice and green), pasta (yikes . . . white not wheat . . . boo!), tomatoes, and a decent amount of chicken.

But it was quick . . . it was green . . . and it was free.  Bob Evans Fit From The Farm menu offers a decent alternative to greasy fast food joints.  And . . . the kids meals are reasonably priced.

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Would I return again?  Probably not . . . mostly because I strive to buy local, eat fresh, crunch on something raw, and wash it down with fermented food or beverage.  We eat like . . . well, we live on the farm this food came from.

However, I am thankful for the opportunity that Bob Evans gave me.  I WOULD recommend the Fit From The Farm menu . . . for those that are “dieting” in the typical American sense.

So if you have made a New Year’s Resolution or are trying to establish some healthy eating patterns, Bob Evans Fit From The Farm might be a good option for you.  They offer a Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner menu.

Bon appetite!

Jodi (a.k.a. Granola Mom)

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