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Many of you visit this site to find information on health and wellness, but some of you have been following this site long before we became The Number One Health Blog for moms.

During the early days of this website I shared a lot of information about my family with my readers. Some of my articles were touching and some were humorous. By far, the family posts are the most popular ones on this site.

Now that I am done having children and am getting used to my new crazy life, I decided to keep the Healthy Moms Magazine as just a health site for moms. All of my family articles will be published to my new blog, The Talbert Zoo.

Please visit The Zoo and tell me what you think. I will also be publishing all my Wordless Wednesday posts to that site instead of this one.

Thank you for following The Healthy Moms Magazine. I think of you as more than just readers, you are also friends.

Welcome to The Zoo.

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Please Visit My New Blog
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