Participating in Forums and Online Communities Can Help You Grow Your Mom Blog

Literally thousands of moms in the US are turning to blogging. This new online world we call the blogosphere has become a popular outlet for stay at home moms to connect with each other and make new friends. Moms share recipes, health tips, parenting tips, and stories about their lives in their virtual diaries we call blogs.

Some mom bloggers are very casual about their blog and consider it a hobby. While others are competitive and do all they can to get the most followers and readers. To these moms it is not just about making money it is about status.

Mom blogs with thousands of followers, readers and page views usually attract top notch advertisers and sometimes recognition from the mainstream media; usually television or newspapers.

If you are competitive and want to become a leader in social media and your online niche below are a few tips that will help you get there.

Bloggers have been posting in forums for years now in order to increase their traffic. Today there are more and more forums and communities designed just for bloggers. When choosing a blogging community to join make sure you are able to link directly to your blog and blog posts within the forum. Some older communities such as Blog Catalog, have changed their rules so that bloggers can only communicate with each other through their site.

Here are my three favorite forums and blogging communities.

1. Healthy Moms Social
This is my personal blogging network composed of the hottest health and fitness mom bloggers online today.  I started Healthy Moms Social in 2009 as a place for health and fitness bloggers to connect, network, and help each other out on their health and fitness journey.  I invite you to join me along with my favorite healthy living mom bloggers at
2. Social (Formally Twitter Moms) This is also a great website for mom bloggers. Here you can network with thousands of other moms, most of whom have their own blogs. You can generate a lot of traffic through this site by posting to their community blog, joining groups, adding friends, and participating in discussion forums. Just like The Blog Frog you can embed as many links as you wish within your blog posts and forum comments.

3. Mom Bloggers Club This website is very similar to Social because it is run on the same platform; ning. Thousands of moms participate on this site and every single one has a blog.

The simplest way to generate traffic and grow your mom blog through these sites is by visiting them every single day. Create a forum post related to your blog’s article of the day along with a link to it. Make this forum post uniform for all three sites. For example, if you are blogging about weight loss you might want to say something like this in a forum:

Title: What are your weight loss goals?

Discussion: Are you trying to lose weight? We all want to be healthy and fit. Today we are sharing weight loss tips on (name of blog.) You can read the complete article on how you can reach your weight loss goals here: (link to your blog’s article)

Please share your tips either in a comment on our blog or in this forum.

Posting in forums in this manner not only will generate back links which will improve your search engine rankings, over time these will also help you get clicks directly to your articles on these topics. Your visitors will be targeted because they will be searching for your topics. Before long these targeted visitors will become regular readers, followers and subscribers.

Adding friends in these communities will also help you gain new readers. Just like following people on Twitter adding friends in online communities will get you more friends. It is a numbers game. A certain percentage of the people you befriend online will befriend you back. Then a certain percentage of those people will visit your blog. Grow your friend lists and make sure you communicate online with those friends. Visit their blogs, send them messages and participate in their forums as well. You need to create relationships with your online friends. If you do then they will become loyal followers of your blog, and all your social networks. Blogging is all about creating relationships. It is up to you how you create those relationships.

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