Make the Choice to Live a Better Life

Some people seem to be lucky. They are always in the right place at the right time. Positive opportunities forever seem to come their way. Are they simply lucky or do they have a different approach to life ? Making the decision and choosing to live a better life gives us the power to improve our lives.

Being receptive to life elevates the quality of life we live. Using all our senses is important. Sound, smell, taste, sight and touch are often taken for granted. But when we meet someone who is impaired in some way we see how heightened their other senses have become to compensate for the deficit.We become more aware of the value of adding colour, texture, fragrance, music and different flavours to our lives. The more we use our senses the more engaged in life we become.

Appreciation for what we have is important. Hearing another person’s bad news, hearing of disasters are unfortunate ways of us becoming more appreciative of our own good fortune. Taking the time to value friends, family, where we live and work, our quality of life, the freedoms that we have are ways to remind ourself of our good fortune and motivate us to live more fully. – Respond rather than react. When we are involved in a difficult situation it is important to pay attention, listen and gain all the facts. This enables us to appreciate another person’s point of view before we react and maybe say something inappropriate. We exercise more control in our choices and behaviour.

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Take better care of ourselves. Value our good health and invest in it by paying attention to a healthy, balanced diet, exercise, the importance of taking breaks and becoming aware of our stress levels. Having quiet time where we turn everything off on occasion is a valuable way to de-stress. Turning off the phone, computer, TV and just being silent is healthy from time to time. Spending some time in nature is a good way to unwind. Finding a work/life balance is important.

Be aware of negative self talk. We are often harsher with ourselves than we would ever be to another person. Berating ourselves for an accident or a mistake is unnecessary. Would we be so tough on someone else ? Being a little kinder and more appreciative of ourselves and the pressures we are under often makes for an improved state of mind.

Choose to do something that is really enjoyable. Busy people often struggle to find enough time for family, friends and other obligations, but having some ‘me’ time is also important in life. Even if it is a thirty minute swim, a leisurely bath or taking a walk on the beach doing something for yourself is important. When we decide to take control of our choices and establish positive ways to look after ourselves we become happier, healthier and more relaxed. The people around us benefit from this.

Susan Leigh, Counsellor and Hypnotherapist,

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PhotobucketSusan Leigh is a long established Counsellor and Hypnotherapist, with over twenty years experience. She is a member of several professional organisations and is committed to a programme of Continuous Professional Development.

She started the practice in 1988 with her husband Frederick, and after being widowed at the age of 39, took over the practice full time.
Prior to working as a Counsellor, Susan worked for many years with a blue chip company and has experienced the stresses of balancing a corporate and personal life. Now she balances writing regularly for many organisations, is a regular contributor to BBC radio and has a thriving Counselling and learn clinical hypnotherapy to help others. She works with individuals, helping them cope better with the pressures of daily life, works with couples to provide relationship counselling and improve communications, and in business to provide support to staff members and teams. She has had a lot of success working with clients with unexplained infertility in women and also with managing pain in childbirth. Many of her clients have successfully gone on to become pregnant and have a positive experience of giving birth. For more information see

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