Review: Everest Nutrition Krill Oil

As much as I’m trying to convert to a healthier diet, I really have a difficult time eating fish more than once a month. When I hear the recommendation of three times a week, it makes me feel like I will never be able to get my quota of good Omega 3s!

Enter the Everest Nutrition Krill Oil supplement:

When I was invited to review this product, I was excited to try it because now, instead of eating oily fish three times a week, I can just take a supplement and it will take care of the need for Omega 3s!

The thing that I don’t like about fish, however, is the taste and I was a bit worried that I would still have to “taste” the fishy taste even in supplement form. Thankfully, I was wrong. I never had a hint that I was ingesting seafood in the whole time I was taking this supplement.

So, what is it that makes Krill Oil so good for you? Everest Nutrition’s website claims that you can receive the following benefits:

  1. Improve your cardiovascular health
  2. Regulate blood pressure
  3. Balance your cholesterol levels
  4. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  5. Strengthen joints and bones
  6. Relieve pain
  7. Improve your memory
  8. Give your skin that healthy youthful glow
  9. And much more!

 After being on this supplement one week, I can attest to the fact that my skin looked much better. I suffer with dry skin in the colder months, but I didn’t even need moisturizer most days. I also didn’t have as many sugar cravings, so perhaps the Krill Oil helped regulate my blood sugar levels as well.

If you’re like me, and have a hard time stomaching our fishy friends, I would highly recommend Everest Nutrition’s Krill Oil in supplement form. If you want more information about this great product and the awesome deals they are running on it right now, visit

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Note: I received this product from Everest Nutrition to try for free. I received no other compensation for it and all opinions are my own.
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  • Rob Gilgan , April 6, 2011

    I, too, was looking for a good O3 source and thought I found it with Everest's Krill Oil. I ordered six bottles. Three of the six had leaking capsules, so the gel caps were stuck together and smelled fishy.
    I requested a monograph from Everest ( since I have a suspicion their product may just be fish oil and not krill oil at all). I've received no response from Everest, just email requests to purchase more product. Since the correspondence has been to both their quality assurance email address and the address soliciting more purchases, it appears they have no interest in backing up their product. Until I've heard from them, I can't recommend the product nor the company.

    Rob Gilgan

  • Anonymous , May 1, 2011

    Hello everyone

    I have been taking Everest krill oil for more than a month now and I must say thatI am very pleased with it and everyone is seeing change on my skin, its glowing. I also feel my PMS goes smoother than usual.I will stay with it for longer time, maybe just taking breaks in between.
    Thank you Everest!

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