Do You Have What it Takes to be the Next Cooking Channel Star?

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The Cooking Channel and Good Housekeeping are searching for a healthy host for a new upcoming television show. They are looking for someone who believes in a healthy conscious lifestyle, is an excellent cook with something to teach, is a mom raising kids while maintaining a healthy lifestyle and who may have struggled with their weight in the past and has a charismatic personality to host their own cooking show. If you think you meet the above criteria you might have what it takes to be the next Cooking Channel Star.

To apply for the position all you need to do is e mail with the following information:

2. Contact information-phone, e-mail
3. Occupation
4. City where you live
5. Photo of yourself
6. Cooking background or information on how often you cook, etc.
7. Story about your weight loss or struggles with weight and how you have managed to keep a healthy lifestyle
8. Television experience
9. Any relevant video if you have it.

Maybe YOU will be their next star!

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Do You Have What it Takes to be the Next Cooking Channel Star?
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