Seven Motivators to Health

Please note: By the following list, I am not suggesting that we have total control over our own health or even  that Christians are always healthy. My purpose is to provide the motivation you need to be the best you can be and leave the rest to God.

1. Our bodies, if we are Christians, are temples of the Holy Spirit. We should keep them in good repair inside and out.

2. If we cultivate health in our lives, we can live longer and with a better quality of life with the ultimate goal of living for God and doing great things for Him.

3. Our children will most likely emulate what we do rather than what we say, so our level of health will impact their health and that of their children.

4. Health is a gift God has given us through bodies that have the ability to heal themselves and food that nourishes us. We should treasure this gift and not squander it needlessly.

5. Living a balanced, healthy life is cheaper than depending on doctors, medicines and hospitals to restore us to health. As the old saying goes, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

6. Making healthy food and exercise choices gives us energy to face all the stresses (good or bad) in life.

7. Healthy people demonstrate to others what God’s best for us is, therefore being witnesses for Him in a disease-ridden world.

PhotobucketJennifer Self is a disciple of Jesus Christ who loves following His plan for her life as a wife to the most wonderful man in the world and mama to four little blessings. Her days are filled with spending time with her man, homeschooling, preparing reasonably healthy meals and keeping the dust bunnies and the clutter monster at bay with a little blogging mixed in. After her family has been taken care of, she dabbles in her other passions of reading, health and music. She blogs about her life, her Heavenly Father, marriage, parenting and home at

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