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Herbed Broccoli

Another vegetable I think gets a bad reputation is broccoli. I personally think it is a fun vegetable. I actually got my two year old to try broccoli by calling it ‘mini trees’. Of course for those children that do not like broccoli, I would bet it is more of a tactile dislike than a taste dislike – not always, but it is worth thinking about. I really love broccoli mixed with citrus. This great dish mixes the two as well as adding in some fresh herbs. It makes a great side dish for any meal! The best part – super easy!
Herbed Broccoli
You only need 4 ingredients for this recipe: 2 Tbsp olive oil, 2 Tbsp lemon juice, 2 Tbsp minced fresh herbs
and 3-5 cups cooked and drained broccoli.
This dish is really too easy for how good it is…
Simply add the oil,
Lemon Juice
and herbs to the broccoli
Toss to combine
About This Author

PhotobucketCrystal (Crystal’s Cozy Kitchen) is a mom to an active 2 year old son. Since becoming a mom she has learned just how hard it can be to get a toddler to eat healthy. She has always loved to cook and believes that while eating healthy your taste buds should not suffer and neither should your bank account. Crystal is a firm believer in the Family Table and loves to sit down to dinner with her husband and son as often as their schedules permit.

Growing up in a rural area in Utah she learned to love comfort food, but now realizes that most comfort foods can be made healthier. During her childhood she feels that vegetables were almost an afterthought to preparing meals and wants to have them take a more central role on the table.

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She and her family have moved 6 times in the last 5 years, lived in two different states and will be moving again once her husband finishes his Masters Degree. She can understand the varying situations of home cooks as she has lived in apartments with small stoves/ovens, no counter space, hardly any cabinets as well as lived in areas where it is impossible to find some ingredients in local stores.

Crystal also blogs at Crystal’s Cozy Kitchen

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