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Cognitive Behavioral Theapy Along With Medication May Help Kids With OCD

According to a new study by researches from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in Philadelphia adding talk therapy (cognitive behavioral therapy) to medication helps some kids and teens with obsessive-compulsive disorder.

Most kids with OCD are treated with fluoxetine (Prozac) or sertraline (Zoloft). Although, experts believe that even on medications kids with OCD still have symptoms.

Researchers estimate that one in every 100 kids in the US has OCD. It usually begins with the child washing his hands repeatedly until they are chapped and raw. These kids think that they need to do these behaviors in order to calm themselves down.

As a parent I worry about the possible side effects of over medicating our children. This study proves that medication alone does not always work and there are other alternatives to help our children with disorders.

The study looked at 124 kids between the ages of seven and 17 with OCD. All of them had been taking at least one drug but still displayed OCD symptoms.

The children stayed on their medication throughout the study. Researchers also split them into three groups; one that did not get additional treatment, one that had one hour long cognitive behavioral therapy sessions once a week, and the third group just talked with doctors briefly during their regular medication check-ins.

After three months the children who had the full cognitive behavioral therapy along with their medication were better off than the other participants. About 70 percent of them showed an improvement in their OCD symptoms, compared to 35 percent who had gotten brief instructions about CBT, and 30 percent of kids who did not have any extra treatment.

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If your child has OCD or a related disorder and is on medication you may want to consider adding cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment for him. Before you begin any form of treatment first discuss your child’s symptoms with his doctor.

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Cascia Talbert is a busy blogger, publisher, freelance writer, online merchant and mother of five children, living in The Pacific Northwest. With a B.A. in history and law and a passion for writing and staying healthy, she started The Healthy Moms Magazine in 2007. The Healthy Moms Magazine is currently ranked the top health blog for moms and features several health expert writers and mom bloggers. Ms. Talbert believes that if mothers are well educated on health issues and how to stay healthy, they can pass that information down to their children and reverse the childhood obesity statistics in the U.S.

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Cascia Talbert is a devout Catholic, mother of five children, health and fitness enthusiast and positive parenting supporter. She is also the founder of the award winning online health, fitness, parenting and Christian faith magazine for moms, the Healthy Moms Magazine. She lives in the Chicago suburbs with her husband, five children and one spoiled cat. Her hobbies include gardening, country music, running, and playing her flute. Check out her first book, "Taking Care of your Family's Health and Well-being, Saints to Turn to and the Catholic Faith," available anywhere books are sold.