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Ideas to Renovate Your Family Home

If you are unhappy with your current home, but are not ready to purchase another, consider renovating all or part of your home. Renovating a home can be as basic as making repairs, to a major addition. Before you renovate, assess your needs. Would the home benefit from cosmetic repairs, such as a coat of paint or new shutters? Is a new roof in order, or should you add a new bedroom?

Home repairs

Repairing weathered and worn parts of the home is one way to breathe new life into your dwellings. If your roof is old and discoloured, and you have had it patched to prevent links, it maybe time to replace it. A roof replacement with Roof Top Services can give home a bold new appearance. For example, if you’re old roof was originally a light colour, but over the years has become stained from smoke, dirt or fungus, going with a new dark coloured roof, or a different shingle style can give the home an updated look. If wood trim is rotting or the paint is peeling, give the home a clean and new appearance by replacing old wood trim and giving all of the trim a new coat of fresh paint. Ottawa house painters can cope with such a task in a glance.

Update your bathrooms

A bathroom renovation can be as simple as a new paint colour, or new light fixtures with a modern flair. Get rid of the rows of backstage light bulbs and go upscale with sconces, or a decorative chandelier. For a more striking look, go for a spa tub, and granite countertops. The key is to do what fits your budget.

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Renovate the kitchen

A kitchen remodel can be as simple as changing the hardware on cabinets, and putting in new matching stainless steel appliances. Take the kitchen renovation up a notch by getting inspired by pros and their works, visit website for some examples of them installing new granite countertops and kitchen cabinets. If adding new cabinets will bust your budget, consider cabinet refacing. Refacing the cabinets gives them a brand new look without the expense of ripping out cabinets, walls and floors.

Beef up the basement

If your home has a basement, the sky is the limit for what you can do with renovations. An unfinished basement can become a playroom, “man-cave,” recreation room for the family, den, or extra sleeping space. Add partitions, install a ceiling, add spacesaver stairs, and drywall, and paint the basement in a sunny colour light yellow to make the best limited natural light. Renovating a basement can bring thousands of extra dollars should you decide to sell your home. A basement can also be renovated into a small studio apartment that may be used as a residence for young adult’s family members, or rented for extra income.

My name is Nisha Sharma, I am the Editor for LoftCentre.co.uk. I offer parenting advice and tips for designing and decorating the home.

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