Jump Start Your Metabolism-Be a Hot Mama at Any Age

The pendulum is swinging and your metabolism is slowing. It is time to swing back. As we age, hopefully the years grant us wisdom, unfortunately weight can come along for the ride. It is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is likely but not destined to occur. Thankfully, there are a few things that we can do to fight back.


I know what you are thinking… I never had to exercise when I was younger. You may have been able to drink three milkshakes a day when you were younger and loose ten pounds, but this will not be the case as you continue to age and the demands of family, motherhood and life begin to take their toll. I am so sorry. You are going to have to blame biology for this one. You can look forward to 0.5-1% of muscle loss per year after the age of 25. So ladies, while exercises such as aerobics and walking may get your heart pumping, don’t forget to include some resistance training in your routine to get those muscles pumping. As far as metabolism goes, muscles burn more calories than fat. Isn’t that reason enough to pump some iron ladies?

Change Your Diet

If you are going to “jump start” your metabolism you are going to have to change your diet period. When I use the word “diet” I am not referring to that word used to describe what some celebrity is eating at the moment or a new food trend that is plastered on the cover of a magazine. I am talking about your food habits, it’s a lifestyle. First of all, you should always have breakfast. Skipping breakfast is not good for anyone and it does not send a good example for your kids either. The word breakfast itself came from the fact that you are indeed breaking a fast after sleeping at night. Your body was without food for at least 8-10 hours. Ok, I know that it is more like 5-8 hours. I thought that you could use a laugh. And forget about it if you are nursing. Wait, where was I? Oh, yes…if you are consistently skipping breakfast or other meals you are setting yourself up for failure. Indirectly, you are telling the body that there is a lack of food and the body will react by storing available calories as fat. Skipping breakfast is also a bad idea because people that do, tend to consume more calories during the day.

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Drink to Your Health

Drinking water is the one of the best things that you can do for your body. Water flushes out toxins and impurities allowing the body to function at peak capacity. Studies support that people who drink more water also burn more fat. Do you need another reason to drink up? Add a green tea bag to that water and get even more metabolism boosting benefits. Follow these tips and you will be a “hot mama” for years to come.

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