Post pregnancy – how to lose the baby fat

Having a baby is a wonderful and life changing thing to do, but it doesn’t half do a number on your figure. So for the women out there who want to take their bodies back after having given birth, what can you do to drop the baby fat and get your figure back?

Walk Lots:

One of the hardest things about getting back into shape is finding time to exercise, so you have to find ways to fit it in where you can. Sometimes you will just want to drive wherever you need to go, but when you can, make the effort to walk – even if it is just down to the shops or whatever.

Make Time For You:

Looking after a baby is a full time job, but try to work in a spare 30 minutes or so, twice a week. If you plan carefully, there is almost certainly some time to spare, somewhere. Spend this time exercising. Plan out your workout sessions and make them as intense as possible to get the most out of your time.

Resistance Training:

Building muscle is at least as important as losing fat – you don’t have to have the figure of a bodybuilder to get the benefits that a leaner body will bring. Cardio will only help you to lose weight whilst you are doing it, but if you tone your body you will become leaner and your metabolism will increase – meaning that you lose weight even whilst you are not exercising.

Try to stick to high intensity exercises, for instance sprinting instead of running. Doing sit ups and press ups is also a good idea. The more you use your muscles the stronger they will get and the more calories you will burn.

Plan Your Meals:

When you are very short of time, it is easy to just snack, or even not get around to eating at all. It is very important that you actually plan out healthy meals. Try to cook a healthy stew or similar at the start of the week and freeze portions. This will save you time and help you to eat a healthy diet.

Eat Oils:

Healthy ones that is; try to eat plenty of foods that containing healthy fats such as omega 3 – these are great for your skin and will help those stretch marks to heal. Flax Seeds are perhaps the best thing to snack on – they taste good too.

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