Don’t get bored of board games!

This the third of three posts devoted to underrated board games to play with young children. There are so many wonderful games out there with engaging rules and educational value, I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about some of my favorites.

The third of my three game suggestions is Sum Swamp. This is an educational game that is lots of fun for children and for adults. The action takes place on a game board where players move rubber swamp animal pieces (snail, turtle, snail or frog) from the start to the finish. To add to the fun, players need to enter the “endless loop” and can only exit by landing on the exact space at the end of the loop.

Players move by rolling three dice and creating an addition or subtraction sentence. Two dice have numbers on them and the third has the + or – symbol on it. By placing the dice in line, you create a number sentence such as 4 – 1. In this case, the player moves his playing piece 3 spaces.

Other fun spaces are the “even” and “odd” spaces which require the player to roll one die and move only if the number is even or odd, as the space dictates. On special numbered spaces, the player must roll the + / – die to see if he moves forward or backward.

My grandson loved counting on his fingers to figure out how many spaces he could move. Sometimes I would do the adding or subtracting by counting out loud myself.

The endless loop became a silly and fun way to get caught and we always gave a loud, happy yelp when each of us escaped!

Board games are a wonderful way to bring a family together for an afternoon of laughs! I hope my suggestions find a way into your board game collection sometime soon.

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